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May she never sully the horde again.

Says that he was the leader of Lordaeron troops, and guess who the Lordaeronians are now? You cannot kill hope Community. General Discussion. Juuhachigou-tichondrius Juuhachigou UTC 1. Well they kinda killed my hope in the Horde. Ulldanzar-trollbane UTC 2. Tyierin-area UTC 3. Blasco-malganis UTC 4. Hella-malfurion Hella UTC 5. Kielikki-wyrmrest-accord Kielikki UTC 6. Mine has been restored. Your mileage may vary. Nexius-grobbulus UTC 7. Inkwell-senjin UTC 8.

Joyeuse-barthilas Joyeuse UTC 9. Of course, Discworld takes it literally many times. Witches Abroad introduces the idea that on the Discworld, stories have not only memetic influence but are a law of nature. In Thief of Time the Glass Clock, which destroyed all of history in the past, was removed from any books by the History Monks, but something that strong still seeped through and found its way into children's stories. Belisarius Series : Used first seriously and then humorously. Belisarius starts a rumor about sexual prowess and general horniness of the Kushans in order to get Kungas and his men pulled away from their guard duty of a captured princess.

Their incompetent replacements are easily dispatched and allow her to be rescued. Later, once the confused Kushans find out about the origin of the rumor, they then take delight in spreading it themselves. The Dresden Files subverts this idea. The Oblivion War is an ancient ongoing war against old malevolent gods and demons who now are remembered only by a scant few mortals. If those mortals die and all records of the god are destroyed, and no one is there to take up remembering the name, then the leader of the humanity's faction can fully delete the god and information about the god from the last possible source on Earth.

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This then banishes the god to oblivion. One advantage for the gods' factions is even accidental knowledge of the god is enough to make a binding. So, if one put the name of a god on Twitter and tweeted it to 10 people, they would become binds to the mortal realm. They would need to die before the human's leader could act.

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Thankfully, Humanity's leader is patient enough to wait a thousand years to really make sure all records and knowledge are destroyed, so waiting a hundred years for these mortals to die is okay as long as they don't start spreading the name further and become liabilities or agents of the god. One saving grace of the limits to knowing this is the gods must be known by a mortal being. If a spirit of knowledge learns of the War or a god's name, it won't become a tie to the world. The novella Backup goes into a bit of detail about The Oblivion War where a side character who participates behind the main hero Harry Dresden's back.

They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us

We don't get a lot of information, but since the antagonist is a cultist of said gods, and Thomas the novella protagonist mentioned the war has been ongoing for thousands of years, it fits. It is said in the novella, Humanity's side cannot even know how many victories and banishes they have made because even that could risk some of the defeated enemies a chance to come back.

There are very subtle hints in the stories, but they have no connecting thread without the context of Backup. In the Eighth Doctor Adventures , a group of Time Lords the Celestis take this concept literally, and convert themselves into ideas for this very reason. Unfortunately for them, a later book reveals that the Whoniverse also contains creatures which can kill—and eat—ideas. The heavily associated spin-off Faction Paradox basically is this trope.

This is the crux of Kelsier 's Thanatos Gambit in Mistborn. He purports himself as a figure of legend and a symbol of evolution so that when he is killed, a vengeful religion rises up immediately to complete his work in his name. In Fatherland rephrased : "Cut a clearing in the forest of your mind, the trees are just waiting to reoccupy it. Santyaga : Yes. We prefer to exterminate those who carry them.

And still Doremus goes on in the red sunrise, for a Doremus Jessup can never die. We're more than just a people or an army, aruetii. We're a culture. We're an idea. Live-Action TV. In Babylon 5 , at the climax of the Vorlon-Shadow War Delenn and Sheridan point out that, even if they and their coalition are killed, their assertion that the younger races no longer need the First Ones is true.

All the First Ones can do is subjugate them, not "teach" them as the two sides insist they want to. He only needed to say six words to an aide.

You Cannot Kill an Idea

While the mind may not be as powerful as it would be inside its own body, it could still spread the evil throughout the universe, knowing how hard it is to defeat an idea. He can't literally kill anyone due to a Restraining Bolt , so he has to resort to other methods, while the Doctor and company work to stop him. One of the interviewees points out that the only thing that kills a bad idea is a better idea.

In The Outer Limits 's episode " Final Exam ", this trope is discussed in relation to the moral and environmental implications behind cold fusion bombs and the advance of technology overall. When Martin questions how Todtman reached his breakthrough with cold fusion technology before the HereWeGoAgain ending in a different university implies the same scenario will take place : Todtman: So simple once they ask the right question, only they're expecting the wrong answer. Sherlock: After all, you can't kill an idea, can you?

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Not once it's made a home Taps Lestrade's forehead There. Gowron: Kahless has been dead for a thousand years, but the idea of Kahless is still alive. Have you ever fought an idea, Picard? It has no weapon to destroy, no body to kill.

Worf: I am being executed because I brought something dangerous to your young people. Knowledge of their origins.

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Knowledge of the real reasons you are here in this camp. The truth is a threat to you.

Kill The World

In my mind. I created it. And every one of you knew it, you read it. It's here. Do you hear what I'm telling you? You can pulp a story but you cannot destroy an idea, don't you understand, that's ancient knowledge, you cannot destroy an idea. Don't you understand? It is real. And it's real! It's real! Peter Gabriel invokes this trope in the song "Biko", a tribute to South African martyr Steven Biko , with following lyric: "You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire, Once the flames begin to catch, the wind will blow it higher.

Tabletop Games. One of the Madness talents in Don't Lose Your Mind grants you a knife that can cut, sever or kill anything , including ideas. There's always a ritual quality to such an act — dubbed memeticide — for instance, slitting Fidel Castro's throat would kill the idea of Communism in Cuba, meaning the idea not only gets forgotten but loses all momentum and will never be taken seriously anymore.

That being said, the knife can also cut off flaws, sever abusive relationships, and kill personal demons. Mage: The Awakening : Inverted — you quite literally can go into the collective Dream Land of humanity's subconscious, find the embodiment of an idea, and kill it.