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High amount of views. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. Like us on Facebook. Or make them run circles around her, at any rate. Niou Masaharu from The Prince of Tennis. It's even his in-universe nickname. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. The fact that he's also an Idiot Hero makes his opponents wonder whether he's really this or just really lucky.

Even more so than Luffy is his crew member, Usopp. His fighting style is mainly based off of lying and other creative strategies. Marshall D.

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Teach aka Blackbeard is an evil variant of this, having many similarities to Luffy while also being his Shadow Archetype ; he's a loud, Hot-Blooded pirate captain who starts off as a complete nobody that people underestimate due to his outwardly goofy behavior , but he's also very crafty and knows how to manipulate others for his own ends.

He and Luffy are both cases of Beware the Silly Ones. In fact, her first full scene had her cheerfully lying to the Clone Jesus analog of her Church just so she could have an opening in their sparring match.

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A later chapter reveals that she used to be a Street Urchin before the Saint Church took her in, which likely influenced this part of her personality. K has Yashiro "Shiro" Isana. In the first season, the superpowered Red and Blue Clans, and the "Black Dog", Kuroh Yatogami, a lone superpowered fighter, are all chasing him because they believe he's the culprit in a murder.

Shiro uses his cleverness to escape, get Kuroh to believe in his innocence, escape some more, and outwit the Blue Clan, the stoic-genius faction. Having a psychic cat around did help, though. Even after he gets his memories back and reawakens as the most powerful King , he prefers to use his cleverness rather than fighting.

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Kaiketsu Zorori who considers himself an Anti-Hero, a self-proclaimed prankster genius and one of his goal is to become known as the King of Pranksters or a Prankster King. Loki , from Kamigami no Asobi , is true to his mythological basis He does things like putting magic rings on Yui the harem center and Tsukito the moon god , Tsukuyomi that connect themselves until they understand each other's hearts, just to freak out the rest of the harem ; and when they do a school play, he gets cast as the prince's servant instead of the "star", so he derails the play with a coup d'etat Thor, who usually keeps him in line, is busy Playing a Tree.

Lupin III is one of the most iconic tricksters in anime, using his skills as a thief to outwit anyone who tries to catch him, especially the ever-persistent Inspector Zenigata , and even when he does get caught he always finds a way out. His craftiness and sheer unpredictability almost always keep him one step ahead of his adversaries, and he usually makes complete fools out of them while making his escape. It helps that he's just as infamous for being a Master of Disguise as he is for being a master thief, just like his grandfather and namesake.

Card Games. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG, the Ghosttrick Archetype's effects revolve around flipping monsters face-down and protecting themselves as long as they are face-down.

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In effect, they act like pranksters or mischievous spirits: popping out and scaring people, then running away and hiding. Comic Books. Spider-Man , whose actions end up teaching him his own wisdom. He's also this in a literal and symbolic sort of way, being the smaller, smarter animal who outwits the bigger, and in some cases, dumber animals his rogues gallery , to the point that his alter ego is obviously related to spiders, while those of some of his enemies are related to animals like rhinos, octopuses, scorpions, and vultures.

Jonah Jameson too.

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Deadpool is an insane mercenary, so he does odd things and disrespects authority, but cops are okay, provided they're not trying to arrest him. Batman has The Joker and The Riddler. The Joker often spends just as much time performing pranks and other petty things as much as killing people. The Riddler has a compulsion to make complicated puzzles for his own amusement. Bat-Mite , who comes from Mr.

Mxyzptlk's homeworld of the fifth dimension, is a hyperactive fanboy who tries to help out, only to further complicate things, and he actually has respect for Batman, despite being more of a pest instead of evil. Mxyzptlk from Superman is an imp with Reality Warper abilities who uses.

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Which, interestingly enough, leads to Superman having to resort to trickster methods just to get rid of him. Then you have The Impossible Man, and he and Mxy had a crossover together, where their differences became apparent. Let's just say it doesn't end in friendship. Jaeger of the aboriginal sci-fi comic Finder.

Although he seems random and impetuous, his behavior is bound by the code of the titular super-scouts, but also his designation as a ritual scapegoat in his mother's native culture.

Amoral Tricksters that Enhance World Mythology and Entertain Cultures

Plastic Man , according to some people interviewed for the 80s cartoon DVD of the titular character, serves as a trickster in the DC Comics mythos of heroes. Varies from out-and-out villain to anti-hero, depending on the writer and the incarnation for example, de-aged Loki is a lot less malevolent than his previous, older self. Doesn't help their quoting the appropriate Shakespeare play too. Maelstrom, Cosmic Marvel's version.

Maelstrom: I can't feed you to a giant demonic dragon if you're asleep! Where would the fun be in that? Loki from The Two Year Emperor , a Great Gazoo mischief god who periodically shows up to have pun fights , be the comic relief, and be a Trickster Mentor for the main character by sliding him important hints. Lorelei from the " Lorelei Chronicles " series. Being a universe-hopping Master of Illusion gives her MANY opportunities to screw with people, albeit in a non-cruel, non-destructive way.

Justified in that she comes from a broken home, which leads her to believe that making people laugh is her mission in life.

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The works of Fialleril most notably Double Agent Vader and Heretic Pride tend to expand on the culture and religion of the slaves of Tatooine. The most frequently-mentioned figure in that religion is Ekkreth, a shapeshifting gender-fluid trickster deity, whose role in every story about them is to find ways to outwit the slave masters and free the slaves, before slipping or flying away laughing. Sacanas from The Captain Goodking Saga fits this to a T, especially when he tricked his apprentice's father into being Taken for Granite by promising the father he would be "forever young and beautiful".

The clue's in the name. Meeko from Pocahontas , although he's a bit less of trickster and more of an outright thief.

The Legend of Jinn

Eris from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas spends all of her time playing tricks on the protagonist along with all the mortals in the story and well, just causing general chaos. In Disney 's adaptation, and all adaptations since then, the pronunciation has been " brayer ", as if it were a mispronunciation of "brier", when, in actuality, "Br'er" is supposed to be pronounced as "bruh", meaning "Brother". This character is deconstructed in Ralph Bakshi 's Coonskin , where "Br'er" is correctly pronounced.

Zootopia features a trickster rabbit and a trickster fox teaming up. The Mask explicitly linked to Loki and most other characters played by Jim Carrey , some mentioned elsewhere on this page, some not - such as Andy Kaufman Man on the Moon , a Real Life trickster figure who would be called a troll today. From Star Wars : Han Solo, to a degree. In The Han Solo Adventures he pulls a wide array of tricks, with a playfulness that nicely offsets his grimmer, mercenary side.

Though he would technically be more along the lines of Trickster Mentor , it's usually assumed that he likes practical jokes for their own value, too. Pirates of the Caribbean : Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow. In the commentary of the first film , during the scene where he tricks the two Interceptor guards into arguing, allowing him to slide out of the frame, sneak aboard and get behind the wheel before they even realize he's gone, the writers joke that they consider this scene akin to a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Tyler Durden of Fight Club is a more malicious, destructive example. The Marx Brothers , particularly Groucho.