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The pervious landlords send me a 30 day notice to vacate. I moved here next to a neighbors who so happen to know pervious landlords who had been harassing me by putting a smell at wall down stairs where my living room is during the day and at night up stair's hallway a smell coming from next door between the hours of 12 am and 5am. I report it to CPD's dispatcher they send a officer out by the time they get out neighbor moved the smell. And the following me when I go up stairs or be down stairs and that's the bathroom and when I leave my home they has their associates follow me. The pervious'landlords Carmen Henderson the wife of Ronald Phillips like I said got mad because her husband was I guess paying attention I guess to me.

She had her associates to shoot off a gun at Divot PL Columbus Ohio because I'm saying in the privacy of my home how this neighbor all in my mouth how I wish they find something else to do. Everything I say and do is monitored by Divot PL Columbus Ohio one time I was in the privacy of my home saying who ever lived in was nasty this neighbor's visitors contacted pervious tenants and let them know what I said.

Stalker Without a Crush

No privacy living in Ambiance vallas rental office plus I let rental office know about the neighbors and their visitors harassing me and threading me Columbus Police department' s their dispatcher thinks since I have a disability I don't know what I'm talking about concering this neighbor and their visitors harassing me and threading me. After reading lots of these comments it seems most times the issue is with the person writing them not their neighbours.

Most of you seem stark raving bonkers and you would be much happier if you focused on something else rather than neighbours going about their daily lives. Several of you would drive me absolutely crazy if you lived next door to me Dreadwitch - Aug PM. I have lived in my condominium for three years. Everything was peaceful until an older Persian woman moved in upstairs. She lives alone. When I first met her she said I was wondering when you would come to meet me. This statement alone made me frightened.

The woman looked up at one point and I swear I saw evil in her eyes. I quickly made an excuse to run back to my place. A few weeks later she left a can of cookies which I threw away and a note to join her for Persian food and tea.

Rejected, love-obsessed and erotomanic: Inside the disturbed mind of a stalker

Now she stalks me wherever I walk in my place and listens tomy telephone conversations. Sometimes she stomps on her floors. Any advice on how to handle my situation? Thank you. BluMartini - Aug AM. We have lived here for 13 years and the neighbours on the left have some sort of fixation with me and my daughter. It's a woman in her late 50s and her elderly mother, brother and son. They copy clothes, shoes, handbags. Pot plants, curtains our car, every conceivable thing and opportunity.

They burn firewood in an area where it us banned and only really affects us, as we are right next door.

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If I start to mow the lawn shegets hers out and starts mowing, regardless of whether she did it the day before. I immediately stop mowing and move to the front garden. She immediately stops and then moves to the front too. In the last 2 years her behaviour has grown even more stalkery. We do not talk to this family at all. In fact we keep our distance.

How to End a Romantic Obsession

The more we ignore, the more desperate for our attention the younger woman is. We have logged in excess of 60 times she has come into the front garden when we come home. She bangs her binsvery loudly for attention, which we ignore.

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She will not stop watching us. To put things into perspective, the other neigbours we really like, have never encountered them in the garden at the same time more than 10 times in one year.

Sick of the unwanted attention. MG - Aug AM. We have creepy neighbours that use their kids to make noise in front of our house, stay awake all night making odd noises trying to freak us out, and we believe listen in to our conversations through a vent that runs under our house and more What a bunch of freaks! To all out there dealing with this odd people, may lord Jesus be with you and your families, and protect you from the evil that surrounds us.

Jesus is King! My next door neighbour moved out about 4 months ago. Before he moved he put in for planning permission for a 2 bedroom extension. I wish we hadn't given permission as it has stolen light and privacy as it overlooks our garden.

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Since moving out he has been coming by sometimes in his car taking pictures on his phone of the extensions progress. Its finished now but every week nearly always on a Thursday he finds a reason to be in our road. The latest he followed us back to our road and then gave the excuse he'd come to see his ex- next-door neighbour, I think he has developed an obsession with trying to keep an eye on the road but also is full of inquisitiveness regarding the extension. Fortunately the new neighbour is on to him. She also finds his behaviour peculiar.

It makes me very nervous, he used to watch us on his cctv trained on our drive as his excuse was the cars he had for sale in the road. I'm trying very hard not to let his behaviour worry me. I don't really have anyone to discuss this with which makes it harder.

Why Stalkers Stalk—and What to Do If You’re a Victim

Nervous Nervous - 1-Aug PM. My neighbour next door. I have had issues with her. They tell the police they are married. Her last name is diffrent from his. He has a partner. She goes by the name of Carol. He goes by the name of Dave. On the land register she is said to be living in an Asian country.

She sends him to my door threatning me. I want to sell my house. How can i. They say it is not happening and they say they are married. At night there is never a knock on the door. The opening and shutting of the door is done by mobile phone by Dave? The walls are pritty thin.

The Obsessed Narcissistic Stalker

You hear her saying at times. The worst part is her cleaning out her mouth. I have installed CCTV. The police have never turned up to view the cctv or they arrive after the time limit given for viewing the activity at night. Would be so greatful of any advice katie - Jul AM. I just feel trapped in my own house Zla - Jul PM. My friends husband freaks me out.

He always wants me and my husband to go camping or di something with them. He did this with the other neighbors and ended up having an affair. I feel that is what he is trying to do with me. The comments he makes and the way he acts.

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He is a pervert so I'm writing this so his wife can see this. I dont like being around your husband. He has problems with respect for women.. Tiff - 9-Jul AM.