Guide Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis: Greece and the Future of Europe

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Greece and the Future of Europe

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Customer Service. Most participants declared themselves to be ordinary people from the centre of the political spectrum. But beyond the undeniable anti-immigrant attitudes of many PEGIDA-adherents, there seems to be a general challenge to the concept of representative liberal democracy of the type that has been successful in the 20th and 21st centuries. Guest: Dr.


Dietrich Herrmann University of Dresden is historian and political scientist and an expert for the politics of constitutionalism, discourses on immigration, and political culture. Sixteen months have gone by since the last election to the European Parliament; twelve months since the new European Commission, the new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security and the new European Council President took up their duties.

So far it has been a bumpy ride for the new parliamentarians and leaders of Europe. In short, Europe demonstrated a worrying lack of insight, solidarity and leadership. In the meantime Euroscepticism, right-wing populism and extremism have profited from the general inertness and lack of leadership: In the European Parliament where Marine Le Pen managed in adding a second extreme rightwing group to the fragmented political spectrum; in recent national elections and opinion polls where right-wing parties did shockingly well e.

Hungary and Slovakia. Europe is in dire need of leadership, ambition and more cooperation, but instead its leaders seem to turn against each other in a desperate attempt to gain domestic popularity.

  • The “Wretched of Europe”: Greece and the Cultural Politics of Inequality?
  • "Philosophy and resistance in the crisis: Greece and the future of Euro" by Costas Douzinas.
  • agitational visual language, Tzortzis Rallis?
  • "Philosophy and resistance in the crisis: Greece and the future of Euro" by Costas Douzinas;
  • Our contemporary impotence?

Is there a chance that EU leaders refocus on the values the Union was built on and take urgent action before the European project disintegrates into complete chaos? Don't miss our latest blog posts and web dossier entries related to the topic:. The Polish parliamentary election to be held on 25 October, will take place in the middle of an unprecedented refugee crisis in Europe and in the context of rising support for right-wing populist movements in almost all EU Member States.

Possible effects will be discussed with the following speakers: Dr.

The terror attacks in Paris that took place in January earlier this year have terrified the European public. Especially the assassination of the Parisian editorial staff of the satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" pointed to the centerpiece of democracy: the freedom of press and speech. It has opened up a debate about fundamental questions and on how we want to live in a liberal society. With speakers from France and Germany the audience is invited to discuss the impacts of the attack and analyze what political conclusions need to be drawn.

How can we protect the values of a liberal democracy against Islamic tendencies, who announced to fight against our societies without nurturing the rising islamophobia? What meaning does the attack for the freedom of speech and press and for the publication practice of the media in Europe? During the four-day event selected participants from all over Europe will have a chance to come together in this culturally diverse and politically charged Central-European capital and discuss their visions of the future of Europe following the theme of "Contemporary Space": the understanding of and role in virtual, social, cultural, and all kinds of public spaces in Europe.

Additionally, a special focus will be on the current developments in Ukraine and its implications for Europe. The blog Reshaping Europe focuses on the question what reforms and actions are needed to reshape the European Union, its institutions and policies in a way that makes them more democratic, transparent and efficient.

And, there is, most worryingly, the general loss of faith in the European project and the European institutions.

Costas Douzinas: Philosophy and Resistance: Greece and the Future of Europe /// 15th May 2013

It has to act on many levels, immediately, efficiently and convincingly. The eurozone leaders and the new Greek government will have to figure out a way to get along with each other, one which makes sense for everybody involved. Not only the outcome of the elections in two other southern eurozone member states, Portugal October and Spain December , will depend on this; it is the future of the eurozone which is at stake and, at the same time, that of the European Union, as it is doubtful that the EU could survive a collapse of the eurozone.

Politics — How can I say it? The new comes into the world, as we talk about it. Now the question is how? The Summer Academy focuses on the structures and power of political communications. It discovers how new thinking models and motivations originate in words and images of the politcal language.

The third Alternative Progress Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina documents some aspects of the countries' path towards the European Union membership.

The report is a joint effort of dozens of individuals and organizations, whose common goal was to present the current state of the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of civil rights organizations. Bearing in mind that the official Progress Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina is a political report of the European Commission, we believe that the publication of the Alternative report can influence its content. The complete focus of the report is on the so-called political criteria, with particular emphasis on the following issues: democracy and the functionality of the State, rule of law and corruption, human rights, especially the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups, and transitional justice.

Faith in the European project is on the wane, as many are unable to recognise the advantages of a consolidated EU — in spite of the fact that they are plain to see, for example regarding a common energy, foreign, and security policy. Through events and studies we aim to foster debates about the future of the EU, and we would like to keep the citizens up-to-date and win them over as active participants able to frame the future of the European Union.

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Greece is the future of Europe

Get our weekly email Enter your email address. Costas Douzinas speaks at Occupy London. Some rights reserved. According to Douzinas, this is a symptom of a widespread distrust in the old regime. Thus, Greece may be facing the first radical left government in Europe ever. Get weekly updates on Europe A thoughtful weekly email of economic, political, social and cultural developments from the storm-tossed continent.