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Fully automated central fills contract with a network of pharmacy customers who are using Catalyst's AdhereNet platform and act as the pharmacy of record, perform order entry and deliver completed product to their customers. By separating packaging fulfillment from clinical services, CentralFill fuels a cost-effective and rapidly scalable adherence model. Nursing staff enjoy the flexibility of using a desktop or tablet, with live connectivity to their local pharmacy, and numerous partner integrations to do even more.

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Automatically dispensing the right dose at the right time, spencer also improves adherence by collecting patient feedback and biometric data, closing the loop between patient and care givers. Thanks to MyMedTimes, people can take their medications as prescribed — putting a stop to errors and helping them to stay active and independent at home. Willowgrove Pharmacy in Saskatoon provides a personal approach to their patient-centric pharmacy business.

Sobeys has a long and well-established history, having operated in Atlantic Canada for more than years.

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Having made a number of recent acquisitions, the Sobeys National Pharmacy Group now includes…. View All Case Studies. We were at a crossroads. We wanted to grow our business without adding staff or complex shifts. Our facilities wanted eMAR for accuracy.

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Catalyst was perfect, giving us access to centralized filing of adherence packaging and oneMAR. But even as virtual care technologies become increasingly available in Canada, some health professionals worry that the country is still playing digital catch-up.

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Consider the eCare program, implemented by the Ontario Telemedicine Network, a not-for-profit funded by the province. It allows Ontarians with chronic lung and heart conditions—the majority of which are seniors—to be monitored and coached from home, cutting down on trivial trips to the doctor.

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In Saskatchewan, a robot named Rosie treats patients in a remote First Nations community. A physician from elsewhere in Canada controls Rosie using a smartphone and can use video to connect with patients.

Rosie can use a stethoscope, conduct ultrasounds and take electrocardiograms. For Canadians who would do anything to avoid sitting in a waiting room full of sick people, there are downloadable apps that let you text, call or videocall a doctor instantly. One of these apps is Maple, which according to its website, boasts it can connect patients with a doctor in two minutes or less.

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Nova Scotia resident Julia Melly downloaded Maple after seeing it advertised on Facebook and had a doctor diagnose her with a bacterial sinus infection over text. For Melly, there were both pros and cons to using the app. Here are some common terms.

Telemedicine : Delivery of clinical services, such as diagnosis and monitoring, over long-distances , often through videocall. The Department hired a full-time foster care coordinator that managed the transition, worked with directors and workers from LDSS agencies to provide training and resolve issues, and assisted with enrollment into managed care. In addition, Virginia participated in the Three Branch Institute that focused on the social and emotional well-being of children in foster care.

The six managed care plans partner with the Department to manage the foster care population. Both the Department and the MCOs ensure that these members are assigned to a primary care physician and a case manager if necessary, and receive their annual examinations and specialty care visits.

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  8. The Department and the health plans also manage member drug usage, especially anti-psychotics and psychotropic medications. Both parties require prior authorizations for these lines of medications and the prescribing doctor is required to submit proper paperwork in order for the prescription to be filled. Virginia, through its contracted External Quality Review Organization, conducted optional focused studies for foster care members for the past two years. The focused studies determined the extent to which foster care members were receiving preventive and therapeutic care in the first year of managed care enrollment and provided quantitative information about foster care members receiving medical services through the MCOs and fee-for-service.