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In his An Open Letter on Translating , Luther gave some valuable hints about his working method. In these terms, Mary could be considered as able to intercede with God, and this interpretation was strongly supported in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Greek term corresponds to one in Hebrew, also found in Daniel, expressing a warm affectionate greeting. Dynamic overtones are given to account for the unaccomplished tense in Hebrew.

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Though Hebrew lends itself to this option, it is not always chosen. His work was a considerable influence on the development of the German language. The different dialects were unified in Hochdeutsch, High German, with its romanticism revealing its literary and poetical qualities. Obviously the translation would not be without errors. Some were quickly corrected, especially those relating to the book of Job.

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He celebrated his first mass in May with a great deal of fear and trembling, according to his own recollection. But Luther would not settle for the anonymous and routine existence of a monk. In he began the study of theology at the University of Erfurt. Transferred to the Augustinian monastery at Wittenberg in the fall of , he continued his studies at the university there.

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Because the university at Wittenberg was new it was founded in , its degree requirements were fairly lenient. Because he was transferred back to Erfurt in the fall of , however, the university at Wittenberg could not confer the degrees on him. Luther then unabashedly petitioned the Erfurt faculty to confer the degrees. His request, though unusual, was altogether proper, and in the end it was granted. His subsequent studies toward a doctoral degree in theology were interrupted, probably between the fall of and the spring of , by his assignment to represent the observant German Augustinian monasteries in Rome.

At issue was a papal decree by Pope Julius II that had administratively merged the observant and the nonobservant houses of the order. Soon after his return Luther transferred to the Wittenberg monastery to finish his studies at the university there. He received his doctorate in the fall of and assumed the professorship in biblical studies, which was supplied by the Augustinian order.

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At the same time, his administrative responsibilities in the Wittenberg monastery and the Augustinian order increased, and he began to publish theological writings, such as the 97 theses entitled Disputation Against Scholastic Theology. From all accounts Luther was a stimulating lecturer. One student reported that he was. He spoke neither too quickly nor too slowly, but at an even pace, without hesitation and very clearly. Nor do the notes give any indication of a deep spiritual struggle, which Luther in later years associated with this period in his life.

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