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Data: 28 aprile , al tramonto Luogo: terrazza. His great rhythmic and melodic expressive capacity have made the French musician one of the most recognizable pianists in the world jazz scene, collecting in a few years a rich discography. We will also talk about the strength of character of Michel who, afflicted by a rare congenital disease, also known as glass or crystal bone syndrome, was able to unleash his unparalleled creativity, sublimating it into music. Date: April 28, , at sunset Place: terrace. For the 6th time, Livorno will host some 40 jazz events, April 1 through 30!

Jazz books and CD showcases, concerts and more. Alessandro Agostinelli tells a story about a strange and sad man who followed his hero in an unlucky existence.

Every year, we promote jazzbook showcases, CD presentations, jazz pictures, photos exhibitions, and concerts of course. Norfini di Livorno. Norfini di Livorno circle. The City of Livorno is the only one in Italy promoting events for the entire month of April since The event is under the patronage of Unesco Italy. Events include concerts, lessons, conferences, movies, books, showcases, and a masterclass.

Mascagni, Cineclub Arsenale, libraries, and pubs across the city. Hobby Horse Dan Kinzelman tenor sax, clarinet, flute, keyboards, percussion, voice, Joe Rehmer bass, keyboards, voice, Stefano Tamborrino drum, percussion, voice. Michela Lombardi. Alle in piaz.

Cattani, M. Nardi e F. Viene propoato un viaggio tra jazz, bossa nova, funky e swing e anche famosi brani di black music internazionale. Alle ore Nardi and F. A journey through jazz, bossa nova, funk and swing and even famous international black music tracks is proposed. This initiative, carried out by students and professors, aims to support the study of the jazz method including the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to stimulate the capacity for improvisation, imagination and initiative of the young performers.

At Micheletto — Lucca. La storia del jazz lucchese. Monday, April 30th at 9. The history of Lucca jazz. Followed by a concert with the musicians of the Group of Circolo Lucca Jazz. The Club for the UNESCO of Lucca organizes an event divided into two parts: a look at tradition with the history of jazz in Lucca and the presence of Chet Baker, and a look at the future with a concert of young musicians.

This event will be in collaboration with the Marche Jazz Network. Il Jazz per Immagini e Racconti: percorso itinerante tra disegni e parole sul jazz per le vie di Matera. Gezziamoci International Jazz Day Jazz told by images and stories: itinerant journeys of drawings and words on jazz in the streets of Matera.

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Federico Buffa meets young people. Organizers celebrated the fourth annual International Jazz Day in Matera in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Onyx Jazz Club. Festivities featured a photo exhibition, testimonials and live music. Event featured a performance by Radio Babel, a vocal ensemble founded in the music of the Mediterranean and the world.

On April 29 we start our count down to celebrations with a jam session to gather musicians and people having fun and focusing attention on jazz music.

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This free event consisted in a musical marathon with many participants, including Sicilian jazz musicians, jazz bands and students, concluding with a final jam until 2 am. Two shows for a long amazing jam session! This live performance brings together five musicians from four different European countries Luxembourg, Germany, France and Italy and will propose an original repertoire of energetic contemporary jazz, accompanied by song improvisation and traditional jazz standards. Funk Off are probably the most exciting street band in Italy: the band performs with a complete line up of 15 pieces, led by the patient and expert hand of saxophonist Dario Cecchini.

They break the rules of the traditional marching band, mixing funky grooves with jazz solos, connecting with anyone and transmitting their infectious enthusiasm. On stage from Benevento the Dr. The main feature is the didgeridoo, the most ancient Aboriginal wind instrument. Tracanna, R. Luppi, A. Zanchi, A. Mandarini, T.

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Ghiglioni, O. Del Barba, P. Iodice, S. Bagnoli, P. Dalla Porta, A. Zambrini, L. Tessarollo and G. Festival produced three sets featuring international jazz artists at the Auditorium di Settimo Milanese: Bioforme is an association whose main purpose is to promote the survival of manual arts and traditional woodworking craftsmanship developing new shapes. Concert with all the teachers and students of the Milan Conservatory of Music. Possono i Millennials salvare il Jazz?

Il programma della giornata si articola in momenti distinti per rispondere ai diversi quesiti: Musica per le Mie Orecchie Can Millennials save Jazz?

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What is the relationship between jazz and young people? The program of the day is articulated in several points to answer different questions: 3 p.

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  5. Music to my ear 4. Can Millennials Save Jazz? D-Jazz Marathon 9 p. Live concert. I Crossing Quartet presentano una serie di brani originali che, nati da prove laboratoriali di improvvisazione radicale, hanno acquisito nel tempo una forma. Crossing Quartet will play various original songs that came out from laboratory tests or improvisation and are now formalized. This event consisted in a musical marathon with three distinctly original and innovative projects, each enriched with video projections and other multimedia content. Join us after 10pm for a free jam session…all night long!

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    A seguire Pietro Monari, geniale ed eclettico chitarrista con i suoi Flown: Andrea Cappi ai synth, Riccardo Vandelli alla batteria, fra jazz europeo e rock progressivo. Ingresso gratuito. This time we are gonna host three young Italian jazz musicians on stage to introduce a night of music, togetherness, food, and fun. Aperta a tutti giovani e vecchi. It is open to all, young and old. Rounding the evening off with a Jam Session.

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