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Box Hill, Melbourne's emerging second CBD and an area that has seen a proliferation of high-rise apartment towers in the recent housing construction boom, had the highest number of vacant properties, with That was the figure for properties using up to 50 litres per day. Absolute vacancies in Box Hill — for properties using no water — were 9.

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It marks a change from the previous report, in which inner Melbourne's Carlton and Carlton South had the highest level of vacant properties. The growth of Airbnb and other short-stay accommodation had likely prompted investors to put property into circulation for short-stay rentals, Mr Fitzgerald said.

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In Box Hill, there could be cultural factors at play, with buyers in a large Chinese population buying and holding property, Mr Fitzgerald said. But the high Box Hill figure could also reflect the slew of new apartments that came into the market that year and were not taken up immediately. State government figures show Whitehorse council region saw an average increase of dwellings per annum between and , with more than new dwellings in alone. Esther Yong, the director of property marketing firm ACproperty.

The Adding it to the 3. This report considered fewer properties than the previous one because data from both South East Water and City West Water excluded body corporate sites with a single water meter. Regions with holiday homes that could also distort findings, such as the Mornington Peninsula, were also excluded. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement.

Invest & Prosper With Property

Property Residential Victoria residential property Print article. Michael Bleby Senior Reporter. Arsineh Houspian If available, the vacant stock of 21, properties using zero litres of water would have boosted the housing stock in the auction market in by Significant underutilisation Box Hill, Melbourne's emerging second CBD and an area that has seen a proliferation of high-rise apartment towers in the recent housing construction boom, had the highest number of vacant properties, with License article.

Read More Victoria residential property Unable to follow, try again. These initiatives are not only offering convenience to borrowers, but these steps are ensuring the safety of investors money. The company has generated strong revenue growth over the years along with expanding its presence in different loan categories. Prosper is working on multiple business strategies to set their business for the long term sustainable growth.

This product would enhance consumers experience as it will remove the complications and time-consuming barriers in applying for a Home Equity Line Of Credit. The rate of returns is significantly higher when compared to returns from long term government bonds and volatile stock markets. As shown in the above chart, sometimes returns from stock markets are higher than returns from investing in Prosper, but the stock market returns are not fixed and come with a lot of volatility and risks. Investors can enhance their returns if they have a high-risk tolerance.

You're not out sitting on the curb with them, burping and chirping!

Good article. Advanced strategies for sure. I'm not familiar. Hey Dave — Tread very carefully. I'd call my in-house expert, Dave Shafer. Call , and tell him I sent ya. If you'd like to expand that chat afterwards, gimme a call. Happy to help.

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Good luck! Dave, Great article! I'd like to know what returns you are assuming over the 30 years you are investing? Otherwise, I'd opt for a cheap 30 year term for coverage and then invest my cash at a higher IRR. It's structured primarily as a tax free income stream. In fact, you go out of your way to reduce the death benefit, so make sure you have a death benefit policy that fits your circumstances.

This is one of the best parts. The insurance company takes the loss in down years, but takes everything over your "ceiling" in good years. Vance Baker from Dayton, Ohio Replied 3 months ago. Where do you find all the notes to buy? That was over 15 years ago. Hey Vance — I hear that all the time, so you ain't the Lone Ranger. You likely need a guy like me, and I'm not rare either, just so ya know.

I suspect this will change in the next years, as investors turn more 'n more to adding notes to their overall investment portfolio. Boomers are rapidly now finding out about 'em, which has helped to reduce the discount now available. But, alas, that will also change over time. Hi Jeff, Are you a broker for discounted notes?

How do you assess the risk? Should one consider buying through a fund or pool of notes initially to spread the risk?

Dallas investors buy prime Prosper property near tollway

What happens in an economic downturn? Have you had to foreclose on some of the properties? Hi Jacqueline — I am, and if you need any help with questions, I'm available to you. Jacqueline — I have foreclosed many times. THE key is in the purchase of the note, not when things sometimes go south on ya. Loan to value, LTV is possibly the most important factor.

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Robert Gibbs Replied 3 months ago. Hi Jeff. Loved your article and ideas here.

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I am going to go back and read some more of your older articles. I have been struggling with the dilemma of having to pay taxes on a traditional K when I retire in 4 years. You say "free and clear" rental property is a pillar of retirement. I was thinking that "newly purchased" rental property might be a better pillar. Hey Robert — If anyone qualifies for the status 'real estate professional' or more exactly, 'Professional Investor', it'd be me. I've never opted for that due to the restrictions on my actions.

However, that said, though it depends upon the actual balance of your k at this point, and how old you are now, there are ways to attack this you may not've thought about. Please set up an appt to chat, and I'll try to give you some options. Great question!! Rotate Log in or sign up to comment. Related Blog Posts.