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Sing your grocery list. Pull random words from a hat. Remember this the next time someone tries reminiscing to you about the good old days before pop music was full of sex and vulgarities. Ben F. Waple, the secretary of the Federal Communications Commission F.

Is This the Dirtiest Song of the Sixties?

Ely studied classical piano as a child, and joined a vaudeville group called the Young Oregonians when he was eleven years old. The group performed cover versions of Elvis Presley songs, to which Ely contributed guitar and vocals. It was through vaudeville that Ely met a young drummer named Lynn Easton, with whom he would form the Kingsmen.

The Beatles were only months away from their first Billboard No. The song was recorded in a single live take.

Inside Thirteen

Fifty-six seconds in, Easton drops his drumstick. A lot was done at a place called ID Sound.

12 ‘Lost’ British Invasion Hits of the ’60s | Best Classic Bands

It had originally been the Liberty Records studio. The building and the studio are still there, but not called ID. What are the standout tracks on these sets, from your perspectives? One is being able to dissect some of the released songs, which I always find fascinating with Beach Boys recordings. The same for the rest of the album. That probably goes back to when Brian was a teen and was almost obsessively dissecting Four Freshmen harmonies — very jazz-oriented, lush, close harmonies. Some of the vocals just blow me away. There are a few covers on the sessions. He was clearly a big influence on Brian during this period.

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At some point it seems Brian realized it had been played a little too fast. So he slowed it down and redid his vocal for the released version. The spoken-word material is all Dennis, right? The rest of the session was just Dennis messing around and having a good time. His whole spoken-word thing is extremely trippy.

Linett : Well, yeah — this is Linett : Yeaaaaah. That would be Charles Manson. But I think, really, the less said about it, the better. True enough.

Ten Greatest Rock Songs: The 1960s

Brian got his mother to sing that. She really had a very sweet voice. Some of it has been released, yeah? They were never meant for a live album. What sort of archival stuff are we looking at for the near future?

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Do you have anything on deck? Some of them were intended for a possible last album with Capitol that never came out.

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