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Vision was weird in my right eye.


I sleep on the right side of the bed. Flopped around like a dying fish.

Tried to yell for help for a while. Which would not have immediately done me any good because nobody was home at that precise point.

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Someone came home ten minutes later. Breathing was becoming interesting at that point, but I managed to make enough sound to summon help. I was helped out of bed.

1. Put your health first.

I was fully aphasic at that point. Two minutes later, I was fine. Very weird. But I thought, shit, I better go to the hospital, right? I packed a bag and went to the hospital under my own steam.

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There are constant reminders of the heroes and helpers who help us pick up the pieces. They are not there to seek accolades.

They are just there to help. When we are dying, we will embrace the love of those around us. When we are dying, we will think: could we have done more? Could we have loved more? We can always do more to make ourselves and others happy.

Experience: I rescued my husband from a volcano on our honeymoon

We can always do more to make others smile. We can always do more to help our neighbors who are without food, shelter or healthcare.

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We can always do more by standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I raise a glass to old friends and new. I try my best to help others however and whenever I can. When I die, I know it will be with a clear conscience and a full heart. But that time is not now.

I Nearly Died of the Flu and It Forever Changed My Perspective on Vaccines

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Laugh, I Nearly Died (Remastered)