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Their bodies released adrenaline that shifted blood flow from internal organs to muscles and enhanced their reflexes. Prolonged stress and adrenaline overload causes a physiological response that floods our systems with cortisol. Excess cortisol is associated with serious health issues like high blood pressure and endocrine imbalance. Too much stress is as dangerous as that long-extinct tiger. Our current environment is out of whack and getting worse.

Generation Z, individuals aged , reported the highest levels of anxiety in the most recent APA annual survey. The world that our children and grandchildren are inheriting is crazy, and getting crazier. Meditation is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress by developing a state of mindfulness, but many women who are adrenaline addicted and habitual multi-taskers, find it difficult to cultivate a meditation practice.

Cynthia M Ruiz – Finding Sane Relationships in a Crazy World

Mindfulness in its simplest form is merely nonjudgmental focus. It may be simpler to choose one regular task and focus your attention on the process. When you wash dishes, wash dishes. Feel the water temperature on your skin; note the contour and texture of the plates; smell the fragrance of the detergent. If you find your focus drifting to other tasks or topics, notice your breath for several inhalations.

Even stopping in the middle of your day and taking four slow breaths in succession can significantly lower your stress level. Hopefully, as members of the older generation, we are committed to impacting the social issues that underlie our stress, but environmental and cultural change is slow.

What can you do to manage your own mental health in this current reality and lower the stress for those you love? If the focus required for mindfulness escapes you, there are still proven activities and practices that can help you keep your sanity in a stressful reality. The list below of ways to reduce stress is long, can be overwhelming, and, well, stressful.

Choose a few that intrigue you.

Google if you need more detail or instructions. Give them a heads up that you will now be available from They can be retrained. They might even follow your lead. You can also go for a massage or ask your partner to oblige , soaking in a hot bath, and listening to soothing music.

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Research has found that even 20 minutes spent in natural vegetation can lower stress. Tend a garden or even a small container plant. Make lowering your stress level a primary goal. Your life may depend on it! May is International Mental Health Month, and this piece is just one in our continuing coverage of mental health topics. If you, or someone you know, needs help, there are a variety of options for relief. If you know in your heart that you are one type of woman, but you somehow feel stuck acting like the wrong type of woman, I am here to help you find your way back to your true dating personality.

Typed gives you the opportunity to discover your current dating type and understand how different the real you may be from the way you have been behaving.

Our Vision

I will explain how your experiences may have driven you toward some of your unhealthy behaviors and created a counterproductive dating personality that has prevented your success in dating. This book provides the tools you need to transform yourself into the type of woman you want to be, and therefore discover your true dating personality.

I wrote Ms. Typed to help you get that load of negative experiences and memories off your back, and out of your head and heart, so that you can finally be free of your difficult past to pursue an exciting romantic future. You need to reconnect with the real you. Why do I always attract the wrong type of person?

Angelina Gomez Book review on "Finding Sane Relationships in a Crazy World" by Cynthia M. Ruiz

Why do my relationships end after we have sex, or only exist to provide sex? This book will help you understand yourself and your past relationships, so that you can discover your true dating personality and prevent remaking the mistakes of the past. Maybe one day you look in the mirror and remember the old confident you, and you wonder what happened to her.


How to find Sanity in an Insane World

We all know a woman who is so amazing and has so much potential but somehow always ends up with jerks in dead-end relationships, and we wonder why someone like her would end up with someone like him or why someone like yourself would end up with someone like your ex. Not only will this book help you rediscover your true self, but it will also help you create a strong foundation to get your romantic future back on track. Right right now, then how do you expect to be ready for him when he finally shows up?

But what if he showed up and you were so caught up in your past and acting like Ms. Under those circumstances, would you really be prepared to put your best foot forward and be in a good mental space to start a relationship? Of course not! Being Ms. Typed makes you vulnerable to dating drama that the real, healthy you would resist. And worst of all, when you are being Ms.

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So until you get rid of her, when Mr. This book can help you start your personal evolution from Ms. Typed to the true, happier, and healthier you. This way when Mr. Why did I write this book? I have always been fascinated by dating and romantic relationships. As a teenager my friends and I spent hours discussing who did what and why.

I have always been particularly sensitive to the disappointment and pain that women experience as a result of romantic relationships. In graduate school I studied how marriages change over time, how domestic violence physically and mentally impacts married women and their children, and how dating violence affects single women.

My doctoral dissertation focused on how teenagers cope with experiences of physical and psychological abuse in their dating relationships and how that abuse affects their psychological well-being. First, I had to study and understand their experiences, and then I was determined to help them find ways out of these difficult situations.

Sane World

The younger the women were, the more frustrated I was that they had no support or resources. The time I spent interviewing these girls helped to change the course of my career and my life. But their pain and their needs were so great that it felt almost impossible to record what they were saying and then ignore it. I resisted as much as I could, but I knew then that I had to find a way to communicate to women everything I understood about the psychology of relationships.

A few years later I started my own relationship and life coaching business, and I started working with the media and providing relationship advice on television.

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  • I am always looking for ways to take the research we create in academia and communicate it through the media. For over fifteen years I have studied and worked with women to understand their relationship challenges. I want to help women find ways to cope with their relationship stress and resolve their dating dilemmas. I decided to write a book about being mistyped because I saw dating types in myself and in the women around me.

    I have been Ms. Typed, and I was surrounded by other women who were as well, but we had no idea what to do about it.