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Even if the damage gets decreased to a third of what it is now, it would still be powerful. Will be interesting to see exactly what gets done to it. You need max devotion.

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Not sure why the other two creeds are listed here, only Keeper will grant this spell. I have devotion lvl 6 with the keepers of fire and sky and this spell doesn't show up in the mages store, anyone else having this issue? This spell seriously needs a nerf. I like that magic is powerful, but this thing is just ridiculous.

ACE: Well, come on in, if you're going to. He really gets up my nostrils, that Glitz. MEL: Oh, he's all right underneath. ACE: No. He's a grade A hundred percent div, that's what he is. Mel starts picking up clothes in the hunt for a chair to sit on. ACE: Look, leave those alone, will you? MEL: I was only trying to make room to sit. ACE: Well, just sit on top of them like everyone else does, can't you? MEL: All right, all right.

ACE: I've been meaning to do the washing for a couple of weeks. MEL: Looks more like a couple of months to me. ACE: You're just like the teachers used to be at school. How do you expect to pass your chemistry A level if you can't even store the equipment properly? MEL: A level? You're from Earth? ACE: Used to be. MEL: Whereabouts on Earth?

ACE: Perivale. MEL: Sounds nice. ACE: You ever been there? MEL: No. ACE: I was doing this brill experiment to extract nitroglycerine from gelignite, but I think something must have gone wrong. This time storm blows up from nowhere and whisks me up here. MEL: When was this? ACE: Does it matter? MEL: Well, don't you ever want to go back? ACE: Not particularly. Ace changes out of her waitress apron and puts on a padded jacket decorated with NASA space mission badges. And a Fanderson one, and Ace Roofing Co. MEL: What about your mum and dad?

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ACE: I haven't got no mum and dad. I've never had no mum and dad and I don't want no mum and dad.

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  • It's just me, all right? MEL: Sorry. What about your chemistry A level, then? ACE: That's no good. I got suspended after I blew up the art room. MEL: You blew up the art room? ACE: It was only a small explosion. They couldn't understand how blowing up the art room was a creative act. Ace takes some pressurised cans from a rucksack. ACE: Isn't anyone going to do anything about that ice jam blocking the docking bay?

    Here, take these. MEL: Deodorant? ACE: They're just old cans.

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    They've got home made Nitro Nine in them now. MEL: Nitro Nine? ACE: It's just like ordinary nitroglycerine, except it's got a bit more wallop.

    Careful you don't drop them. Come on. Ace puts the rucksack over her shoulder and leaves. Belazs watches Kane in the restricted zone through a glass door. She goes to the central console and activates the communicator. It's not to be destroyed, do you understand? The Doctor and Glitz are following the map along catwalks between walls of ice. They stop at an intersection. Let's cast me eyes over the map. Then again Glitz drops the map and bends to retrieve it as the Doctor's umbrella swings above his head. Mel and Ace enter.

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    They'll never get it open at that rate. Here, let's have a couple of those. MEL: You're not going to use those, are you? Ace pulls the tops of the cans and walks up to the frozen hatchway. She sticks the cans on the ice. What's in those cans? ACE: Nitro Nine.

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    We've got eight seconds. Last one back's a gooey mess.