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If I had to suggest alternatives I would say something along the lines of: strategies. Because Win Condition is a term very commonly used in articles I read and in forum discussion, so I thought better to use a common term to build understanding. I will probably add in some explanation of how each work, at a later time. Any help is also appreciated. How to explain "Win Condition" to a player Multiplayer Discussion. Reaver UTC 1.

Instant-Win Condition

Jonius UTC 3. RedSpade UTC 4. SuddenReal UTC 5. If they don't, easy tower. If they do, you move to another lane or fight them if your heroes are strong enough. However other strategies include the Death Ball , a high-risk high-reward strategy where you group as five and push a lane. If you are utilizing a pushing strategy, you want to keep the pressure at all times throughout the game. If your team stops pushing to farm jungle, you are allowing the enemy cores time to get big and counter you.

Timing based win conditions can mean a lot of things, however, if you pick a timing based win condition, you have to win during that time or you will absolutely lose. Every hero hits timings, so I'm not going to give you a list, but rather some team comps that show you what I mean.

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You must win by 30 minutes or you will have a very hard time. Generally, this team has some early fighters and some heavy push. If you have a team composition that looks like this, you want to win early.

Generally, the more cores you have, the later you want to go. If your team looks like this, you want to take it late.

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The goal of timing based lineups is to figure out when your peak is and capitalize at that point. For the first team, they want to be pushing high-ground between minutes. The second team wants to farm and not fight until about 40 minutes in, and really would like to farm up until they're all 6-slotted and then just run down mid to win. This is one of the harder win conditions to do properly. Basically, you have heroes that are good at solo killing other heroes. Maybe they burst, are tanky with a lot of sustained damage, have gap closing abilities, or global ultimates.

Here are some heroes that fit the bill:. The goal of a pickoff team is to get kills on solo enemies, force buybacks, kill them again, and push the throne with the cores dead. This is a hard team composition to make work because most of the heroes on this list like to be alone to farm and don't always do well in team fight situations.

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Since they don't like to group, they often get picked off themselves when the enemy team starts to move as 5. This team needs to have good communication and play to win. This one is hard to explain because it just shouldn't work but somehow does. This is when your team picks 5 supports and two of them fight over mid. This is when every lane is lost and the enemy gets mega creeps at 30 minutes. The enemy gets complacent and they make mistakes.

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Even though your whole team is basically going through the motions, they end up winning a couple big fights and you're back in it. My wife chose chronus, and I chose eros. Both have alternate win conditions. Do you have to win via these conditions? Or can you also win by reaching the third pillar as well?

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Per the rules , the win conditions of Chronus and Eros both start with:. Additional Win Conditions are specified by some God Powers. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. In Santorini, does a god power replace original win condition Ask Question.

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