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But, after the resurrection, Jesus breathes his Spirit into us. Jesus forgave us and breathed out his Spirit, who is life and peace. Jesus resurrects and speaks peace showing us his wounds, and breathes his Spirit, who is life and peace, into us. And, he does this because he is sending us the way his Father sent him — as a life-giving spirit to give the Spirit, who is life and peace, without measure, without any limit.

Now, he breathes his Spirit into us because he is sending us as the Father sent him. Then Jesus tells us to bring life and peace to everyone by forgiving their sins. While the most common meaning of aphiemi is to forgive, the next most common meaning is to leave. How did Jesus get us free from our sins, our sins that he bore in his body, our sins of violence that led to his crucifixion? So death is at work in us, but life in you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. The world gives peace through violence and war. War and violence until you were subdued was the peace of Rome, the pax Romana.

It uses sin, war, murder, violence, to subdue you and bring a false peace. So, while Jesus instructs us that whoever we forgive of their sins has their sins forgiven, if we withhold forgiveness from anyone then they, their sins, are withheld. It means to seize, arrest, be strong, take possession of. It has the idea of taking control of someone. Or, you can take hold of others, control them, and keep them bound in their sins.

Give a false peace through violence as Rome, the kingdom of this world gives it. So, they would become life-giving Spirits just as he was. And, in this way, the disciples could give peace and Jesus gave it. As they were wounded, they could forgive. This would be peace, life, healing, the freeing from sin for others. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home About Privacy Policy Contact.

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Living Room Theology — A place to share life with Jesus. Random Thoughts Teaching. What is the Spirit?

The Spirit is life and peace. What did he breathe out?

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The Holy Spirit. What did he say shortly before he breathed out the Holy Spirit?

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But, Mark does so in a very subtle fashion as well. Jesus forgave us. Then he breathed out his Spirit. He forgave us.

Jesus caused our sins to leave us because he forgave us. We wounded him and he forgave us.

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We forgive them. How are others freed from their desire to wound us? How are others healed? Despite their wounding us, we forgive them. But, there is no Greek word for with in the original text. Forgiving our violent sins against him that led to his crucifixion. Jesus gives us this peace. He gave us his Spirit, who is life and peace. See what Jesus is saying? You can forgive and free others from their sins. Give peace as he gave it. So, why did Jesus breathe on the disciples? God Provides Himself the Lamb. Jesus: The True Bread from Heaven.

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Because these songs were created from the intention to memorize the Writings and worship with friends and family, it is more accurate to not think of this material as an album or a "CD," but rather a snapshot, in the form of a recording, of what has been happening in some devotional gatherings throughout communities in the Carolinas and Georgia.

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Nevertheless, the spirit within which these songs were either created or sung was that of love, generosity, and detachment.

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